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Thermocouple Assemblies

Thermocouple Assemblies - Components and Descript-xions

Conax Technologies thermocouple assemblies represent the culmination of 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of temperature sensors. Conax Technologies thermocouple designs have proven their durability and reliability in applications ranging from large industrial processing plants to highly specialized laboratory testing and validation. Our extensive knowledge of the science of temperature measurement and the physical properties of materials used for sheathing and insulation enables our sales engineers to recommend the most effective solutions to your application needs.

Conax Technologies thermocouple assemblies offer a wide variety of termination styles and mounting fittings, as well as extensive choices in sensor calibration, sheath diameter and sheath material. This section outlines the key choices needed to specify the correct Conax Technologies part descript-xion for your needs. In each case, you will be asked to select the:
  • sensor calibration
  • sheath material and size
  • tip configuration
  • termination style
  • optional mounting configuration
  • sheath length

Thermocouple Assemblies with Terminal Head and Direct Mount

Example: J-SS12-U-T5AL(W8)-12.00"
Conax Technologies thermocouple assemblies offer a wide variety of terminal head styles to meet application needs. In direct mount models, the sheath is attached to the terminal head using either a W8 fitting or a Conax Technologies manufactured "soft seal" sealing gland. Gland models are provided in different sizes and with various sealant materials to ensure proper function in a wide range of environments. All provided direct mount fittings serve as mounting devices and environmental seals.

Thermocouple Assemblies with Terminal Heads and Adjustable Mounting Fittings

Example: J-SS12-U-T5AL-PG2AL-12.00"
Thermocouple assemblies can be supplied with a wide variety of terminal head styles to meet application needs. Adjustable mounting fittings using Conax Technologies "soft seal" packing glands allow the immersion depth of the sheath to be easily adjusted in the field and provide pressure or vacuum sealing against gases or liquids. (Glands are shipped untorqued.) Gland models are offered in different sizes and with various sealant materials to ensure proper function in a wide range of environments. Additional information on sealing options, as well as sealant temperature and pressure ratings, can be found in Conax Pressure & Vacuum Sealing Assemblies catalog or at

Thermocouple Assemblies with Terminal Heads and Spring-Loaded Mounting

Example: J-SS12-U-T5AL(CSLW)-12.00"
Spring-loaded assemblies are used to maintain positive contact between the sensor tip and the surface to be monitored. Conax Technologies supplies a number of styles of spring-loaded assemblies to meet application needs. Spring-loaded assemblies can be provided with all terminal heads. In addition, the T11SL model provides a spring-loaded assembly built into the T11 aluminum terminal head. This allows complete disassembly and removal of the sensor probe without dismantling the terminal head from the conduit or the vessel. For detailed information on these mounting styles, see pages 44-45.

Thermocouple Assemblies with T3/T4 Leadwire Termination

Example: J-SS12-U-T3-PG2AL-12.00"
This exclusive Conax Technologies design provides a practically unbreakable connection between the leadwire and the probe lead. The T3 epoxy-filled transition is supplied with silicone-impregnated fiberglass insulation thermocouple wire as standard. AWG 20 wire is provided for sheath diameters of 0.125" to 0.375"; AWG 24 wire is provided for sheath diameters of 0.040" and 0.062". T4 termination provides a stainless steel overbraid for maximum flexibility and abrasion resistance. The overbraid is embedded in the epoxy to ensure mechanical strength. Standard extension leads are 2 ft. long. Longer leads are available on request.

Thermocouple Assemblies with PJFC-Plug/Jack Termination

Example: J-SS12-U-PJFC-PG2AL-12.00"
Polarized plug and jack assembly bodies are made from molded glass-filled thermoset compounds, with contacts constructed of thermocouple alloy materials. Polarity marks are molded in the bodies for installation assistance, and male and female assemblies are color coded with ISA calibration coding. A metal ferrule tube adapter secures the probe in place, and a wire clamp is used to hold the wire. Standard assemblies are designed to operate in temperatures up to 300° F (150° C). High temperature assemblies operate up to 800° F (427° C) and are color-coded red. Individual plugs, jacks, tube adapters and wire clamps are also available.

Thermocouple Assemblies with B-Series Terminal Head

Example: J-SS12-U-B2-PG2AL-12.00"
Conax Technologies B-Series heads are compact, lightweight terminal heads that provide convenient hook-up of customer extension wire. The cap and body are nickel-plated to resist corrosion. The ceramic terminal block contains zinc-plated brass terminal posts that accept up to 14 AWG wire. Bayonet-style cover allows easy access to the terminal posts. B-Series heads are provided in direct or adjustable mounting styles.

Thermocouple Assemblies with MD Disc Termination

Example: J-SS12-U-MD2-12.00"
The MD disc-style termination is small, compact, lightweight and provides easy access and convenient wire termination. It is excellent for use in clean areas and confined spaces. The disc is molded from high-performance thermoset compounds, color-coded by thermocouple type (high-temperature models are red).
The discs are mounted directly to the sheath using a brass metal-to-metal compression fitting.

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