[Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors] Applications 압저항방식 압력센서의 적용예
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압저항방식 압력센서의 적용예

Aerospace Applications

Flight control surface positioning, auto-pilot, jet engine throttle and thrust reverser controls, auto-pilot input, landing gear steering and thrust vector control, turbine guide vane, valve controls, turbine actuators, and engine controls.

Automotive Applications

Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP), High Altitude Compensator (HAC), Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), transmission and power steering fluid, fuel rail, fuel level, engine coolant, engine oil, fuel-injection, turbo boost, vapor pressure (evaporative emissions), air/tire pressure, exhaust back pressure, air conditioning compressor, and braking.

Consumer Applications

Scuba – oxygen and depth measurement for watch and tank; Fishing – depth measurement and fish finding; Hiking – altitude measurement; and Other - recreational and competition applications.
Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Ceramic package 15 - 100 psia
Portable Altimeters/Barometers (15 psia)
Ceramic/IC package
T0-8 package
Scuba Diving gauges
Isolated-diaphragm package High pressure

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Industrial Applications

Measurement and control: refrigerant compressors, VAV (variable air volume), refrigerant recovery, HVAC fan control, building pressurization, leak detection systems, duct air flow, filter pressure drop, packaging, sealing, printing, instrumentation, and gauges.
Closed Loop Hydraulics
Isolated-diaphragm package 500 psi and up
Isolated-diaphragm package Various pressures
Paint & Agriculture Sprayers
Isolated-diaphragm package 100 psi and up
Refrigeration Equipment
Isolated-diaphragm package 5 psi and up
Water Tank Level Measurement
Isolated-diaphragm package 15 psi and up
P-to-* Converters
Isolated-diaphragm package Various pressures
Digital Pressure Indicator (All pressures to 10,000 psi)
Isolated-diaphragm package
Ceramic package
IsoTO-8/T0-5 package

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Medical Applications

Inflation, blood pressure, intrauterine pressure, and drug infusion pump devices.
Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor
Ceramic/IC package 300mmHg
Catheter Tip Pressure Sensor
Ceramic/IC package 300mmHg
Respirator/Breath Monitoring
Ceramic/IC package 1 - 5 psig
Kidney Dialysis Equipment
Isolated-diaphragm package 15 - 30 psig
Balloon Inflation
Ceramic package 300 psia
Infusion Pumps
Isolated-diaphragm package Medium pressure

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